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In-Service Opportunities for Volunteer GALs

In order to better facilitate the required six hours of yearly in-service training for our volunteer Guardians Ad Litem to maintain their volunteer certification with the GAL Program, we have provided a list of literature and media that is able to be utilized to fufill this requirement. Please click the link below to access the myriad of options a volunteer GAL has at in-service opportunities, and please contact your assigned Volunteer Coordinator if you have any questions.

In-Service Opportunities for GAL Volunteers

The Florida Statewide Guardian ad Litem Program: Now on Facebook and Twitter

The Florida Statewide Guardian ad Litem Program invites you to follow them on Facebook & Twitter. From time to time, the Program will be posting news, upcoming conferences and interesting child welfare articles both on FB (found at & Twitter (found at Please take a look at this information on dependent children who need a voice throughout the state of Florida, & learn how you can help out in your community.